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 Periodic Table of Atomic Nuclear Structures           

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Periodic Table of Atomic Nuclear Structures        


The history of science shows that the great discoveries do not come along a trampled way. They usually emerge in the range between the science and "science speculation". With every new discovery, some particular range from the "science speculation" is conquered by the real science.

If your new idea is initially defined as a "speculative" without arguments based on common sense logic, you should not be discouraged. This might be a sign for a new discovery.

We just start a new Millennium. We should expect new discoveries. Enormous database  of experimental and observational material is accumulated, but many mysteries in the Nature and Universe are still unsolved. One way to solve this dilemma is to apply an alternative way of thinking. When combined with a rich imagination and experience based on logical understanding the alternative way of thinking may finally lead to unveiling the long-standing  mysteries in the Universe.

This educational site promotes a New Approach as a method of alternative thinking. It has been successfully applied in a new physical theory about the Universe, titled BSM theory.  The purpose of this site is to show one of the results that could be easily understood by a large audience.

Practical examples

Fig 1.a. and Fig. 1.b show respectively two views of a mockup structure made of twisted springs. The structure exhibits axial symmetry and twisting around the vertical axis  (Fig. 1.a) that could be called a polar axis.

Fig. 2. shows the polar section view of the same structure but the elements are replaced by symbolic patterns in order to facilitate the drawing (only the elements of the section are shown).

Fig. 3. presents a structure with set of four radial aligned pairs of elements drown as simplified symbols. The simplified symbols allows any complex structure to be presented by more than one perspective views.

Fig. 4. shows the polar section and polar view of much more complex structure, but obtained by the same building tendency.

Fig. 5 show the structure of Fig 4. but drawn by simplified symbols. The repeatable central structures are shown by ovals of dashed lines. 

Fig. 6 shows a combination of four single structures.

Do the shown structures exist in the Nature?

The direct answer of such question could not make you convinced. For this reason you are advised to do your own test of exploration. The proposed test does not require mathematical skills, only a good imagination. But this is a part of the New Approach. 

To satisfy initially your curiosity click 

Test:  Examine what kind of hidden information may stay behind the column and raw arrangement of the elements in the Periodic table. Use your imagination and follow the common sense logic. Try to identify the tendency of the structure growing with the Z atomic number and its relation to the rows and columns. You might be surprised when discovering a well-defined order. These features has been never unveiled by the Quantum Mechanics and the theories of the modern physics.  So follow this link and explore the Atlas of Atomic Nuclear Structures.

About the New Approach

Do you like to learn more about the alternative physics that provides these patterns of atomic nuclei? Are you curious to find some  completely different explanation of the Universe and its mysteries? Do you prefer not contradictable logical explanations instead of unexplainable rules and postulates? If, Yes, you are advised to read initially the following recommendations before deciding to acquaint yourself with a new alternative physics, a scientific theory based on a New Approach.


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