A. About the investigation of the atomic nuclei from this Website.

    After understanding the symbolic way of presentation of the atomic nuclei, you may try to draw the polar section and polar view of any element, as shown by Fig. 4.     

    Once you have understood the nuclear building trend with the Z number you may extrapolate this trend for elements beyond Z = 103.

 B. The proof of the real existence of the atomic nuclear structures is provided by the BSM theory in which the New Approach is applied.

    If you decide to verify the correctness of the concept of the atomic nuclear structure, you must be acquainted with the theory in details.  Then the following recommendations are useful: 

1. Do not be afraid of complex mathematics. The guiding role in the analysis, according to the New Approach is devoted to the human logic. The mathematics is only a technical tool.

2. Do not believe in the indoctrinated idea that the Quantum Mechanical ands Relativistic phenomena are not explainable by the human logic. The New Approach providing the analysis in a real 3D space and unidirectional time, shows that something very important has been missing so far in the fundamental base of the contemporary physics. This is an underlying vacuum structure formed by spatially distributed super dens matter substances. Some of physical laws we are acquainted with appear differently when approaching the node scale of this structure. Without this structure the space-time conditions of the physical models are not uniquely defined. Once these conditions are corrected, the phenomena from the Quantum mechanics and Relativity, that usually look illogical, suddenly obtain a logical sense. 

3. Verify the consequences from the New approach yourself. Do not allow your common sense to be biased by the long time accepted beliefs that the human logic may fail.

4. The presented BSM theory possesses strong scientific proofs of its concept. So it is not a speculative attemp. Despite of quite simplified mathematics in comparison with the mathematical physics, it unveils much more rich details about the elementary particles and their interactions.  So their physical nature is more complex than expected from the contemporary physics, but they are understandable and without logical contradictions.

Benefits: If the New Approach is leading to unveiling the Truth about the Nature and Universe, the benefits are unimaginable. Once the whole scientific knowledge is put in logical rails, the human inventiveness could be unlocked in the basic level of matter understanding. The technology might get an enormous boost.

If you like to learn more about the New approach and the consequences of its application, visit the website, where the BSM theory is posted:

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