Educational means

    Heliconstruct provides two types of educational means in order to improve the skills and imagination of  the high schools students. The educational means could be useful also for the first grades university students if the program accepts them.

    The two types of educational means are:

a. Hardware mockups

b. Software package

    The hardware mockups are currently in design process for manufacturing. They may have similarity to the mockup shown in Fig. 1.a and Fig. 1.b. Mockups corresponding to all elements of Periodic table could be built according to the configurations shown in the Atlas of Atomic Nuclear Structures.

    The software package is still in very initial phase of development. It may include number of programs. One of these programs, for example, may allow to investigate the possibility of interconnection of the atoms in molecules, taking into account their three dimensional structures and the angular freedom of the valence protons.

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