Problems in contemporary physics at the beginning of 21 century

    While the contemporary (modern) physics rely on a wrong concept of the physical vacuum, the main stream science is not reluctant to speak openly about the the real fundamental problems in physics. This does not mean that the theoretical physics does not advance. However, this advance is with ant steps using mostly an empirical approach in which way it is not possible to obtain a complete logical understanding of the fundamental problems. In fact the theoretical advance in this case is limited by some boundary. Closer we get to this boundary smaller the steps are, but one never could see what is behind the boundary. In the same time the advances in the applied fields are due mainly on experiments in which the contemporary theoretical physics could not provide any more a guiding role. Therefore, the theoretical physics now goes behind the advanced experiments, trying to explain the results by inventing new highly abstracted theories. Furthermore, the number of experiments that could not been explained put the theorists in big confusion. Some of these experiments are related with antigravitational effects and energy extraction from the vacuum. For such experiments the main stream physics now is completely silent. 

    Some of the fundamental problems in modern physics are briefly listed by Paul Stowe in his article Problems and the Philosophy
Inherent in Modern Physics
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    A more detailed list of problems is provided by John Baezin  (or see the archived file).

    One of the very acute problems of the abstracted theories and conclusions is the fallacy of ambiguity. The article "The Greatest Math Error, by Dave Pressler, published in Journal of Theoretics, provides very useful logical conclusions (must read). It is extracted from a lecture at 12th Midwest Relativity Meeting at Chicago University in 2002.

Conclusion: From a phylosophycal point of view we have to return 100 years ago in order to correct the admitted error in the foundation of the modern physics.

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