Physical parameters in the dimensional and frequency scale of the Universe

1. Physical parameters in the length scale

Absolute (m) Log value Known or measured Description
1.616E-35 -34.79 x Planck length
1E-20 -20 x CL node distance
2.42E-12 -11.6 x Compton wavelength
1.3626E-10 -9.991 x 2pao (ao - Bohr radius)
1 0 x Length unit in SI
1.496E11 11.175 x Distance of Earth from Sun
~3.3E16 16.52 x Mean intergalactic distance

2. Physical parameters in a time scale 

Absolute (s) Log value known or measured from BSM concept Description
5.39E-44 -43.27 x   Planck time
0.917E-29 -29.04   x CL node resonance period
0.8097E-20 -20.09 x   Compton time
1 0 x   time unit in SI
3.155E8 8.5 x   one year
~3.78E18 18.58   x ~12 billion years (expected period of average galaxy cycle)

Conclusion: The length and frequency scales of the Universe seams quite extended in the microcosmos range. Then the possibility for existing of structures with super high interaction frequencies beyond the limit of detection (the Compton wavelength) should not be excluded.

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