The Mendeleev's Periodical law is a signature of the building trend of the atomic nuclei

BSM theory unveils that the Mendeleev's Periodical law and Periodic table pattern are signature of the nuclear building trend of the stable elements. This trends is defined by the elementary particle structures and their interactions in structured vacuum space. The discovered by applying the New Approach in the analysis of the following experimental data:

         X-ray properties of the elements in a solid state.

         Laue back-reflection patterns

         Relation between the nuclear bonding energy and X ray spectra of the elements

         Oxidation number by experimental results. Principal and secondary valencies.

         Ionization potential dependence of Z number

         Considerations for orbital interactions and pairing between the electrons from different orbitals

         Radioactive decay of unstable isotopes

         Optical atomic spectra

         Photoelectron spectra of molecules

         Nuclear magnetic resonance of the elements

         Nuclear configuration and VSEPR model for chemical compounds

         Vibrational properties of the atoms in the molecules in a gas phase.

   The building trend of the atomic nuclei is discussed in Chapter 8 (25 pages, 1.3 MB pdf) of BSM theory.

Reference: S. Sarg, BSM theory, 2001, posted in 

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