Comparison between images of Au crystal  structure

and theoretical patterns (according to BSM theory)                                       


(The interpretation of the similarity between the images and the 

theoretical patterns are provided by the author of BSM theory

    (For reference go to )

Fig. 9  Courtesy of T. Kawasaki et al., Applied  Physisc Letters,        

v. 76, No 10, p. 1342-1344 (2000)                             

Fig. 10                                                 

Fig. 11                                                  




Fig. 9 shows images of two crystal planes of gold layer obtained by one of the most powerful transmission electron microscope (Japan)







Fig. 10 and Fig. 11 show two theoretical patterns corresponding to two possible spatial orders (or crystal planes) of Au atoms in the metal crystal lattice. The nuclear size of Au atom is based on the calculated proton dimensions while the internuclear distance matches the dimensions of the possible quantum orbits. The proton dimensions and quantum orbits are calculated by the model analysis in BSM theory and expressed by the physical constants. The theoretically obtained interatomic distance of 2 A matches the experimentally observed distance  shown in Fig. 9. The pattern of Fig. 10 is quite similar to the observed pattern of Fig. 9 (b), while the pattern  of Fig. 11 possesses alignment features, that might contribute to the observed pattern of Fig. 9. (a).

Note: The interpretation material is provided by the author of BSM theory.


 Reference: S. Sarg, BSM theory, 2001

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