Book: Beyond the Visible Universe

by Stoyan Sarg

Printed in Canada.

Helical Structures Press, 2004. ISBN 0973051531

A popular presentation of major results and some potential applications from a scientific work "Basic Structures of Matter" (a treatise about matter, space and fields)

The picture on the front cover of the book shows a theoretically obtained image of a metal lattice from gold atoms. While the overall pattern matches images from most powerful tunneling microscopes, the resolution of shown image is much superior.

Synopsis of the book “Beyond the Visible Universe”

1.     Introduction. Challenging the present vision about the Universe and the world of micro Cosmos.

·       What is the purpose of this book and to whom it is addressed?

·       What useful could be learned from ancient time philosophers?

·       Discovering the modified versions of the Platonic solids and their relations to one of the most fundamental constants in physics – the fine structure constant.

2.     How one alternative concept about space leads to a different vision about the Universe.

3.     Brief introduction to the Basic Structures of Matter (BSM) theory and the derived atomic models. (The theory is based on one alternative concept about space that has not been investigated in the history of physics).

4.     Zero Point Energy of the space (physical vacuum). It has been considered so far that the space contains an electromagnetic type of energy, known as a Zero Point Energy (ZPE) of the physical vacuum. The new space concept unveils an existence of enormous space energy of non-electromagnetic type, which is hidden in the ordinary electromagnetic interactions. It is somehow connected to the nuclear (binding) energy through the mass of the elementary particles.

5.     Atlas of Atomic Nuclear Structures (structure of elementary particles and atomic nuclei envisioned by the Basic Structures of Matter theory).

6.     Application of the BSM concept and new atomic models for analysis of the biomolecules. Hypotheses of “stored energy mechanism in proteins and DNA”, and “intercommunication between the DNA molecules in the living organism”. The latter puts a light on the reaction of the living organism against foreign tissue.

7.     Currently it is recognized that the Big Bang model of the Universe fails. BSM suggests a new vision about the evolution of the Universe based on analysis of the observations from a point of view of the new space concept. The galactic red shift is not of Doppler type, but of specific cosmological origin. Therefore, the concept of speeding out galaxies is an illusion. The Universe is stationary. A new analysis shows that the galaxies have their own evolutional cycle, comprised of an observable active life and hidden phases of matter recycling. The average cycle duration for well-developed spiral galaxy is about 12 ~ 14 billion years. The new space concept leads also to a new vision about the micro Cosmos. In the scale beyond the size of atomic nuclei, the micro Cosmos is characterized by highly organized structures where the law of entropy is not valid.

BSM theory is selected for archiving in the National Library of Canada: (First edition: 2002, second edition 2005) (AMICUS No. 27105955)

  Classification:      LC Class no.: QC794.6*               Dewey: 530.14/2 21

 Selected results from the BSM treatise are published in “Physics Essays”, (an International Journal Dedicated to Fundamental Questions in Physics), Vol. 16, No2 , 180-195, (2003); Journal of Theoretics and reported in  the Physics of the Third Millennium Conference, 5-7 Apr 2005, Huntsville AL, organized by NASA.

Author: Stoyan Sarg           

Publisher: Helical Structures Press